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How to Prepare for IELTS Exam | in One Month at Home Best Tips & Tricks

How to Prepare for IELTS

Well, if you are thinking, How to Prepare for IELTS in One Month, then we are giving you best tips and tricks. By the help of these tricks and easy tips you can definitely crack the IELTS Exam in first attempt.     

While preparing for IELTS Exam, so many questions come in mind such as, what are the key apparatus of IELTS exam preparation at Home? How can we crack IELTS exam to enter dissimilar countries for studies and work? and so on.

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On this page we are providing step by step preparation tips so you need to have a look on that. There are some steps that can assist you qualify in your IELTS Exam and get the results requisite for achieving your goals.

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What is IELTS?

IELTS is known as International English Language Testing System which is considered to assess the student’s language skill who wants to chase their auxiliary studies in abroad or work where language of communication is only English.

How to Prepare for IELTS

Best Tips & Tricks to Prepare for IELTS In One Month:

Familiarize yourself with the test format and Rules:

The first step towards IELTS preparation is to become proverbial with the test format. IELTS tests you on the four skills of English language that are Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing. The four sections are elucidated in detail below:

  • Listening – The listening test will be for 30 minutes
  • Reading – The reading test comprises 40 questions, all divided into 3 sections. The time duration for this section is 60 minutes.
  • Writing – The writing test will have 3 tasks and will be for 60 minutes
  • Speaking – The speaking test consists of 3 parts of 11-14 minutes

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Improve your English:

Use your English every day. Read, speak, listen, and write in English as often as you can as this is a confirmed way to improve your English and consequently your IELTS score.

  • Listen to English language radio, television, and film.
  • Speak English with your friends and family
  • Try to listen to a assortment of English accents including American, Australian, British, Canadian and New Zealand.
  • Read English publications wherever possible.
  • Write letters, emails, or notes in English to practise your written skills.

Practice sample questions paper:

Practice the test using these free IELTS test sample questions. Use the Official IELTS Practice Books which you can obtain online or from your local test centre. There is an extensive series of IELTS materials available you can purchase from a variety of publishers.

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Characterize your IELTS goal and priorities:

Formerly you start practicing; you will know your strengths and weaknesses. Make sure to practice more on your weaknesses so that you are well prepared by the time you take the test.

Feel comfortable on the exam day:

On the day before your test, take the time to refresh your memory of the test rules, test format, and location so that you feel as relaxed as possible.

  • Read the Information for student’s brochure over, this contains indispensable information to assist you do your best.
  • Make sure you know the test rules – read the Notice to Candidates.
  • Get abundance of rest the night before your test.
  • Plan your journey, make sure you are recognizable with the location of the test venue and know how you are going to get there so that you arrive on time

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IELTS Exam Pattern:

All the students can check IELTS Exam Pattern 2018 from here which is given below in image form. Please have a look…

How To Prepare For IELTS Speaking:

  • Make sure to involve in the conversation and deliberate on the questions being asked.
  • Always answer the questions with some comprehensive manner.
  • At all times support your opinions with good examples.
  • There is no right or wrong answers in the speaking test and this is just to assess on how good

How To Prepare For IELTS Writing:

  • Ensure your thoughts are pertinent to the questions and your last paragraph should be a termination which is dependable with the influence you have included in your essay.
  • Prearranged and reasonably linked paragraphs and also make sure to have language used is in academic style
  • Evade any spelling, grammar mistakes and write as clearly as possible.
  • Write with mandatory number of words and do not use bullet points.

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How To Prepare For IELTS Listening:

  • Interpret the questions at the commencement of each section cautiously before the recording starts. This will help you to follow the recording & recognize the suitable answer.
  • Deliberate on the preface of each section which will give you constructive information about the situations & the speakers.
  • Eavesdrop very cautiously for clues that designate which stage of the recording they are listening to for example words such as ‘Firstly’, ‘Lastly’.
  • Write your answers clearly without any grammatical mistakes, otherwise you will not be awarded with any marks

How To Prepare For IELTS Reading:

  • Start from beginning of the exam, if you are incapable to answer, do not dissipate your time and move on to next one. You can re-visit the question later, if you have time.
  • Read directions cautiously and deliberate on title of text subtitles & illustration to get a quick idea of what the text is for.
  • Make sure to answer without any grammar mistakes. Copy words precisely so that you can avoid any spelling mistakes.

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Final words:

If you want to know more about How to Prepare for IELTS Exam, how much time is required to prepare for IELTS etc then stay tuned with us through our web portal that is www.recruitmentinboxx.com and get latest information time to time.

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