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Kuvempu University Syllabus 2018 for BA/ B.Sc/ B.Com/ MA/ M.Com/ B.Ed pdf

Kuvempu University Syllabus

Kuvempu University conducts semester wise/ annual exams for BA/B.Sc/B.Com/MA/M.Com/ B.Ed and other courses. Those contenders who are going to take participate in any UG/ PG exam must download Kuvempu University Syllabus.

With the help of Kuvempu University syllabus, individuals will come to know about the most important topics from which questions will be asked in upcoming exams. And students can cover the topics according to their marks scheme. Get the Kuvempu University Syllabus PDF by hitting the mentioned below links.

Kuvempu University Shimoga Syllabus:

We have provided some basic steps to download Kuvempu University Syllabus of UG/ PG Courses at the underneath segment. You can follow those steps and will get the Kuvempu University Examination Syllabus respectively.

Look at below section of this web page which is prepared by the team of www.recruitmentinboxx.com and get further information about Kuvempu University Syllabus 2018. Download Kuvempu University B.Ed Syllabus/ Kuvempu University BA Syllabus and others by hitting the respective links.

Kuvempu University Syllabus

Kuvempu University Syllabus for B.A

I Semester- Managerial Economics Syllabus:

Module -1: Nature and Scope of Managerial Economics
Meaning characteristics, scope and subject matter- relationship with other discipline – decision making and forward planning
Module -2: Fundamental Principles of Managerial Economics
Opportunity cost principle -incremental principle, principle of time perspective, discounting principle and equi-marginal principle
Module -3: Demand Analysis
Meaning and definition of demand, determinants of demand, law of demand, exception to the law of demand, elasticity of demand.
Module -4: Supply Analysis
Meaning of Supply -The Determinants of Supply – The Law of Supply– Extension and Contraction in Supply – Causes for Change in Supply – Elasticity of Supply – Measurement of Elasticity of Supply – Factors Determining Elasticity of Supply.
Module -5: Demand Forecasting
Meaning and definitions- long run and short-run demand forecasting – objectives, need for demand forecasting; methods of demand forecasting; problems on least square method – demand forecasting for new product ; criteria of good forecasting methods.
Module -6: Pricing Policy
Cost plus pricing – new product pricing; penetration, skimming pricing, price bidding, multi product pricing, transfer pricing. Capital Budgeting: Meaning, objectives, prerequisites, components.

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II Semester- Economics of Markets Syllabus:

Production Function – cost of production – money cost, real cost explicit cost, variable cost, TC ,T.F.C , TVC , AC , AFC,AVC MC, short run and lung run cost curves – revenue , TR ,AR AND MR. lustrations of cost and revenue calculations
Laws of Variable Proportions – laws of returns to scale, producers’ equilibrium – optimization of production – economics and diseconomies of scale- Break-Even Analysis- meaning, assumptions and chart
Meaning of marks –types of market – Role of time elements, Supply and demand interaction determinants – Distribution between firm and industry – short period and long period equilibrium
Perfect competition – features – price and output determination in short period and long period monopoly – features – price and output determination – in short period and long period – price discrimination – conditions – price and output determination – monopolistic competition – features – price and output determination in short period and long period – oligopoly – features – indeterminateness of demand – price determination
Marginal productivity theory of distribution – Ricardain theory of rent – concept of quasi – rent and transfer earnings, wages – Subsistence, theory, wage fund theory and modern theory – Classical theory of interest – Loanable fund theory – Liquidity preference theory

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III Semester- Macro Economic Analysis Syllabus:

Module 1: Macro Economics and National Income Accounting
Macro Economics – meaning – types – uses – circular flow of income and wealth – National Income: meaning – definition – concepts of national income – GDP – GNP – NNP – PI -DPI – PCI (Real and Nominal) – methods of calculation – uses – difficulties in the measurement.
Module 2: Determination of Employment
Classical theory of employment – Say’s law of market – wage price flexibility – Keynesian theory of employment – effective demand – aggregate supply of function – aggregate demand function – wage price rigidity – Consumption function : psychological law of consumption – Average propensity to consume (APC) Marginal propensity to consume (MPC) – determinants of propensity to consume – Investment function – types of investment – marginal efficiency of capital – determinants – Multiplier and Accelerator – comparison of classical and Keynesian theory
Module 3: Theory of Prices
Inflation – meaning – types – causes – effects – remedies – inflationary gap inflation and unemployment – Philips curve: short run and long run – Deflation : meaning – causes – effects – remedies – deflationary gap.
Module 4: Theory of Business Cycles
Trade cycles – meaning – curves – types – Features – Phases – theories of trade cycles – Hayek, Hicks, Schumpeter, Kaldar – measures to control trade cycles
Module 5: Macro Economic Policy Targets and Instruments
Fiscal policy – meaning – objectives – instruments – functional fiscal policy – fiscal policy for eradication of unemployment and income inequalities. Monetary policy – meaning – objectives – tools of monetary policy – interplay of both policies

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IV Semester- Money And Financial Markets Syllabus:

MODULE 1: Nature and functions of money
Meaning-forms of money-functions of money-Gresham’s law- Role of money in modern economy, monetary standards – features, merits and demerits- principles and methods oh note issue – Monetization and Demonetization
MODULE 2: Supply and Demand for money
The supply of money : determinants of money supply – changes in the supply of money – the velocity of circulation of money – changes in velocity of circulation – demand for money : classical – Keynesian and post – Keynesian developments – equality of supply and demand for money
MODULE 3: Commercial Banking
Role of commercial banks in a developing economy- structure of banking system- functions of commercial bank-balance Sheet-credit creation-portfolio management-Banking practices and services: Cheques-drafts-bills-passbook-ATM-E-banking-KYC-RTGS-debit and credit cards Electronic fund transfer-MICR-IFSC- Money market: Composition- characteristics-working of Indian money market-capital market
MODULE 4: Central Banking and policy
Functions-credit control-Monetary policy-objectives-instruments of monetary policy-uses of monetary policy-limitations-monetary policy lags-effectiveness of monetary policy in India
MODULE 5: Financial Institutions

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V Semester- Economics Of Growth And Development Syllabus:

Meaning deification – Distinction between growth and development, Human Development, Human Development Index, HDI measures ,HDI Progress In India, Gender Development Index, Sen‘s capabilities approach, environmental sustainability and development,
Introduction-Rostow’s Stages of Economic Growth – Criticism of the stages of Economic Growth -Harrod-Domar Growth Model- Assumptions of the Models-The Domar Model -The Harrod Model ,the warranted Rate of Growth, Long Run Disequilibria, The Natural Rate of Growth, Economic model of unlimited supplies of labour , Solow‘s Neoclassical Growth Model.
Introduction – Adom Smith – David Ricardo – Karl Marx – Schumpeter – Rostow – Gunnar Myrdal – Big Push theory – Critical Minimum Efforts Thesis – Strategies of growth : balanced and unbalanced growth.
Introduction, Concepts of Poverty, Absolute Poverty, Relative Poverty ,Measurement of Poverty, Human Poverty Index, Alternative Poverty functional impact of poverty –poverty traps – credit, nutrition and labour market – poverty and household allocation of resources., Measurement of Inequality – meanings and Methods of Measurement, Economic Growth and Income Inequality Impact of Inequality on Development
Introduction, Theory of Demographic Transition , Causes of High Fertility in Developing Countries, The Microeconomic Household Theory of Fertility, Consequences of High Fertility, Policy Initiatives taken by Developing countries to Control Population.

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VI Semester- Human Resource Management Syllabus:

Module- 1 Human Research Management
Meaning, Definition, Nature, Scope, significance and Objective. Evolution & development Of HRM; Role, Duties and Responsibilities of Human Resource Manager Human Resource Management and Total Quality Management.
Module- 2 Human Research planning
Human Research Planning – Meaning Importance and Need for Resource Planning; Benefits and Limitations of Human Resource Planning; steps In Process Of Human Resource Planning
Module – 3 Job Analysis and Design
Job analysis- concept, objectives, significance, process of job analysis; techniques of job design and methods of job design.
Module- 4 Recruitment and Selection
Recruitment- meaning- need-, recruitment techniques, Sources-internal and external sources, process of Recruitment, recruitment policy, selection, steps in Selection process – test interviews, types, group Discussion, placement and induction- Training – need, importance, objectives, types and Methods of training, benefits of training, identification Training need. Designing training programmes, Executive development
Module – 5 Performance Appraisal
Meaning of performance appraisal, objectives of Performance appraisal, methods- traditional and performance, merits and pit falls of Performance evaluation, Sigma.

Kuvempu University Detailed Syllabus PDF Download

Contenders can download the Kuvempu University Academic Syllabus of UG/ PG Courses by hitting the mentioned below links.

Departments Direct Download

Kuvempu University UG Syllabus

KannadaHit Here
EnglishHit Here
HindiHit Here
Political ScienceHit Here
HistoryHit Here
Journalism and Mass CommunicationHit Here
EconomicsHit Here
CommerceHit Here
Computer Science and ApplicationHit Here
ChemistryHit Here
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BotanyHit Here
BiotechnologyHit Here
MicrobiologyHit Here
Education -B.EdHit Here

Kuvempu University PG Syllabus

KannadaHit Here
EnglishHit Here
HindiHit Here
SociologyHit Here
Political ScienceHit Here
History and ArchaeologyHit Here
Journalism and Mass CommunicationHit Here
Social WorkHit Here
EconomicsHit Here
CommerceHit Here
Tourism AdministrationHit Here
Business AdministrationHit Here
MathematicsHit Here
Computer ScienceHit Here
Master of Computer Applications(MCA)Hit Here

How to Download Kuvempu University Syllabus 2018 ?

Students those who want to download Kuvempu University Exam Syllabus are supposed to follow the basic steps:

  • First of all, you need to go through the official website of the university i.e. www.kuvempu.ac.in for Kuvempu University Degree Syllabus.
  • Then check “Syllabus” section provided at the left side of the home page.
  • Hit on the suitable stream for which you want to download Kuvempu University 2018 Syllabus.
  • Select the department and download the Kuvempu University Updated Syllabus.
  • Go through the Kuvempu University New Syllabus 2018 and take a print out of Kuvempu University Syllabi for further use.

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Kuvempu University Complete Syllabus:

Individuals those who are going to attend UG/ PG exams can now download Syllabus of Kuvempu University by hitting the above mentioned links. Or candidates can follow the basic steps to download Kuvempu University Syllabus for BCA/ Kuvempu University Syllabus for B.Sc or any other course.

Download Exam Schedule: Kuvempu University Time Table

Final Words:

For more details on Kuvempu University Syllabus 2018, you can visit the Official Link of the university or follow the team of www.recruitmentinboxx.com on social media. Clear your queries about Kuvempu University B.Com Syllabus or other course syllabus by write it in the comment box.

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