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NDA Interview Tips – 10 Best Techniques, How to Crack SSB NDA Interview

NDA Interview Tips

For cracking the NDA interview, you all need to have a look on NDA Interview Tips which are enough to impress the interviewee. Here on this page we are providing 10 Best Techniques to Crack SSB NDA Interview and enhanced your skills in front of the claimant.

Few qualities that officer must have tested in each and every test of interview, personal interview is the most important test to determine the OLQs of a candidate. Applicants who are looking for Tips on NDA/CDS Interview Techniques are on correct page.

Which Career Is Best For You?

Most of the people want to become an officer in Indian Army through National Defense Academy. This is a dream of young generation specially after completing the 12th standard; it’s a big question to choose which path in life.

Aspirants who are looking for the NDA Interview Tips may stay on this page. You have to just scroll down this page to get latest NDA Interview Tips which is prepared by the team of members of www.recruitmentinboxx.com

NDA Interview

What’s the Procedure of NDA SSB Interview?

  • Screening test
  • Psychological Test
  • Word Association Test
  • Situation Reaction Test
  • Self-Description Test
  • Group Testing Officers Test
  • Personal Interview

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What’s the motive of Interview?

  • Evaluating your mental faculties
  • Assessing your personality
  • Gathering an overall impression of you as a person
  • To see whether you have the essential requirements of an officer
  • To assess your potential as a leader who can express and convince his seniors, equals and subordinates.

NDA SSB Interview Techniques

Certain aspects which must receive your wholehearted attention before you attend an interview:

How To Develop Personality To Appear For An Interview?

Personality refers to aspirant’s character differences in quality patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving. The study of personality focuses on two broad areas: One understands individual dissimilarities in particular personality uniqueness, such as conviviality or irritability.

  • Make sure you are dressed neatly.
  • Be natural and poised.
  • Be self-assured but not overconfident.
  • Be honest where you are ignorant. Pretention leads to pitfalls.
  • Don’t be provoked or become sullen and silent if you don’t know the answer.
  • Take a balanced view when drawn into discussion. Remember your attitudes are also tested.
  • Be accurate and clear.
  • Listen attentively to what you are asked.

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How To Prepare For Own Questions?

At the Time of NDA SSB interview aspirants have to focus on some important topics that usually asked by the interviewer at the time of SSB interview. You can also take help from NDA SSB interview video.

  • Your choice and suitability of post
  • Your hobby, sports, extracurricular activities and leisure time.
  • Psychological questions to check your tempers and temperaments.
  • Your weakness and strengths of suitability for the post offered.
  • If you are a technocrat why you want to go to management
  • If not selected what is your next course of action
  • Any relative in the same post/service
  • Subjects you studied in college and your bio-data.

How Much Aware You Are?

Awareness is the ability to identify, to feel, or to be aware of procedures, substance, opinion, feelings, or sensory guides. In this level of awareness, sense data can be complete by a spectator without essentially involve understanding. Aspirants who are preparing for the SSB Interview must have complete knowledge about the awareness like:

  • General
  • Political
  • Social
  • Economic

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How to crack NDA interview?

  • Know SSB’s Tests and Procedures
  • Do Good Practice and Form Test-Wise Preparation Habits
  • Don’t Ignore Current Affairs
  • Brush Up Your Technical/ Academic Knowledge
  • Know your Native State/Town Better
  • Be Honest, Simple and ‘Be Yourself’
  • Maintain Good Physical Fitness

Always Remember And Create These Impressions During The Interview:

If you want to leave a good impression on interviewer during a job interview it might not be the simplest deal to crack these days. Candidates get very nervous, mainly if it is their first time.

Most of the applicants likely to stumble, say things that are needless and as a result that creates a bad effect to the interviewer. To avoid this, we have enrolled few tips and ideas that have been tried and tested by many and that will be surly helpful to you at the interview time:

  • Try to be as real as you can
  • Keep knowledge but not omniscient
  • Expressive but not loquacious
  • Try to show that the qualifications you have match the job description
  • Alert but not brash
  • Try to be both humble and confident
  • Polite but not servile
  • Do not try to force the issue
  • You don’t have to ask questions
  • Begin as you mean to go
  • Learn how to handle different kinds of interviews
  • Leave good energy behind

Avoid The Two Extremes:

Some things that you have to avoid at the time of Interview because if you behave like aggressive, overconfident, then you can create a very negative effect on interviewer’s mind.

  • Aggressiveness and overconfidence
  • Crippling diffidence
  • Press: measured and balanced degree of self-confidence.
  • Eat: sparingly before your session
  • Do: nothing to dull your energy
  • Be: informal, conversational.
  • Use: simple sentences. Do not cover up too many points, be selective.

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Some More Important Tips:

  • Be tact full refine your disagreement by saying, “Yes, but…” When you disagree, don’t be too emphatic or violent.
  • Impress your personality by your dress, posture and poise.
  • Show your traits through friendliness, courtesy, manners and tact.
  • Hold attention with voice, diction, resonance, and range.
  • Get a good beginning and a good ending. Your first words will determine what kind of hearing you will get. Your very last words may decide how they will be remembered.

NDA interview procedure:

After qualifying the National Defence Academy & Naval Academy Examination, candidates become eligible for appearing in the SSB Interview which is conducted over 5 days. Different tests are conducted on each day and candidates can check the day wise selection process from here:

  • First Day: 

On the very first day candidates must have to report to the SSB centre. On Day 1, the SSB conducts the Reasoning test after which candidates go for the PPDT i.e., Picture Perception and Discussion Test. After successful PPDT, the SSB conducts a group discussion round. Based on these tests, result is prepared by the selection committee and then selected candidates are sent for further process. Thereafter, selected ones must have to fill up Personal Interview Questionnaire and various other forms.

  • Second Day: 

On the second day, the SSB conducts various psychological tests like TAT, WAT, and SRT for the selected candidates and then prepare the results for same.

  • Third Day: 

On this day, selected ones are examined by Group Testing Officer (GTO) Tasks. Candidates have to participate in group discussion, group planning Excercise (GPE), (PGT), Group Obstacle Race (GOR), Half Group Task (HGT) and a lecturette.

  • Fourth Day: 

As per the result of third day, selected candidates are tested in individual obstacles, Command Task (CT) and Final Group Task (FGT).

  • Fifth Day: 

This is the last day of SSB Interview on which, SSB board officials conducts a conference and makes a final result.

  • Personal Interview in SSB: 

Among all these 5 days, SSB Interview is conducted on second, third and fourth day by the interview panel of Services Selection Board (SSB).

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Best coaching for NDA interview:

  • Olive Greens
  • Baalnoi Academy
  • Minerva Academy
  • SSB Universal Counseling
  • Defense Academy
  • Niks Academy
  • Khandekars Eagles Academy
  • Cavalier SSB Coaching Center

SSB NDA Interview Questions & Answers

Ques.1: Why do you want to join defence?

Answer: Most frequently asked question for NDA NA candidates during the personal interview is why you want to join defence forces. Few candidates say that they want to serve for the country and few say that the uniform makes them feel proud and for few candidates’ money is also motive behind joining Indian Armed Forces.

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Ques.2: Why did you gave first preference as Army / Air Force / Navy?

Answer: at the time of choice filling in application form candidates have to choose services by giving the preference. So surely interviewing officer will ask applicant why he has selected Army / Air Force or Navy as his first preference not other.  You have to deal with these type of question that’s on your importance, purpose, and goal. Be prepared with a good reason due to which you are here for SSB Interview.

Ques.3: Will you come back again for SSB NDA interview if you fail this time?

Answer: The interviewer may ask this question throughout personal interview. Don’t be worried as he is not telling you not openly that he is failing you this time. In its place, the interviewing officer is trying to test your personality. If you say you will not return without a valid reason, it will reflect poorly on your personality and OLQs.

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Ques.4: What is the role of defence forces in our country?

Answer: this question may be throwing up during the SSB interview by the officer captivating your personal interview. As most of applicants appeared in this exam after intermediate, so they don’t have that much knowledge about the organization so, before appearing in the SSB interview, know about few organization details

Ques.5: What if you do not get recommended this time?

Answer: Be confident and answer it kindly that you will try for it next time and try to show that how much you interest in SSB.

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Ques.6: Which course you will opt after 10+2 if you could not become officer and why?

Answer: An interviewer would like to know whether you will carry on your quest for becoming an officer or not. So you have to answer of this question very carefully this. After 10+2 there are various opportunities available for higher studies, you have to decide about your future studies before SSB interview. Never try to say that you will join whichever course your father decides for you. It will leave bad impression about you.

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Ques.7: Is love marriage better over Arrange marriage?

Answer: You can simply answer these two questions with your experiences and thought. Don’t be over smart or over react on such questions. Be clear in your ideas and assertive with the issue.

Ques.8: Did you do any special preparation of SSB?

Answer: You can simply mention your books on current affairs, daily newspaper reading ability, surfing net for the source of your preparation, etc.

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Ques.9:  Why did you fail in previous SSB attempt?

Answer: If you have attempted before for SSB then kindly say the truth what you feel. Be optimistic and assertive towards SSB then only you can get positive point in impression. Do not blame to anyone or anything else, that give makes your bad impression.

Final Words:

Dear aspirants! Here in the above section we have discussed about the NDA Interview Tips, hope that will be beneficial to you. You may also subscribe www.recruitmnetinboxx.com to get free email alerts directly to your inbox or bookmark this page by pressing ctrl+d

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