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Bank Reasoning Questions and Answers 2016 – IBPS Reasoning Shortcuts Online

Bank Reasoning Questions and Answers

Bank Reasoning Questions and AnswersBanking Jobs are considered to be best jobs in India. It is not easy to crack bank exam without any proper guidance. In most of the bank exams, there are four to five sections that are Reasoning, General Awareness, Quantitative Aptitude, Computer Awareness, and English. Bank Reasoning Question and Answers is probably the most important section in IBPS Bank Examination. Here we are providing Bank Reasoning Questions and Answers 2016 by which students can do practice and easily crack IBPS Entrance exam 2016.

It is often seen that aspirants look for explanation of questions as mere provisions of answers do not satiate their desire for learning. Also it is necessary to explain to students how answers can be arrived upon instead of simply providing the answers. It helps in self tutoring.

Bank Question papers are too lengthy to solve. Time Management Problem in banking is faced by all the contenders. For all those applicants, our team of also provides IBPS Reasoning Shortcuts Online by which applicants can’t face the problem anymore.

Bank Reasoning Questions and Answers

Which word does NOT belong with the others?

Which word does NOT belong with the others?

The term Smart Money refers to

Tanya is older than Eric. Cliff is older than Tanya. Eric is older than Cliff. If the first two statements are true, the third statement is

1. Key 2. Door 3. Lock 4. Room 5. Switch on

The foreign banks have been restrained by a consumer court from charging none interest then what from credit card holder for how much percent a year?

Imperial Banks were amalgamated and changed as _________

At present number of private sector banks in India:

Select the number which varies from others in the following numerals

Select the pair in which the items are related differently.

42 women can do a piece of work in 18 days. How many women would be required to do the same work in 21 days?

Find the wrong number in the series 2, 21, 38, 51, 66, 77?

If 54 /32 = 4,  36/42 = 3, 92 / 22 = 7 then what is 28/33 =?

Which among the following is the first Indian PSU to be privatised in 2000?

Name of the Saudi Women who recently climbed the Mt. Everest and became the first Saudi Women to do so?

Vegetable prices are soaring in the market. Vegetables are becoming a rare commodity. People cannot eat vegetables.

Which city got the most rain?

A money deposited in a bank that cannot be withdrawn for a preset fixed period of time is known as a

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