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SCRA Syllabus 2017 Look @Added Topics in UPSC SCRA Paper Pattern Online

SCRA Syllabus

SCRA SyllabusAre you preparing from old SCRA Syllabus ? Check out added topics in UPSC SCRA Syllabus 2017 and start your preparation according to it. As UPSC SCRA Paper Pattern and Special Class Railway Apprentices Exam Syllabus are get updated, so you have to change the strategy of preparation. Look out this page and download your SCRA Exam Topics through online mode.

Special Class Railway Apprentices exam is conducted every year by Union Public Service Commission to select eligible students for undergraduate program in Mechanical engineering at Indian Railways Institute. We the team of www.recruitmentinboxx.com is providing complete information related to SCRA Syllabus right here, so please have a look…

SCRA Syllabus

Examination will be conducted according to the following plan.

Paper I (General Ability Test):

  • English
  • General Knowledge
  • Psychological Test


EnglishThe questions will be designed to test the candidates’ understanding and command Of the language.
General Knowledge
  • Environmental pollution and its control
  • Food adulteration, proper storage and preservation of food grains and finished products, population explosion
  • Population control
  • Production of food and raw materials
  • Breeding of animals and plants
  • Artificial insemination
  • manures and fertilizers
  • crop protection measures
  • High yielding varieties and green revolution,
  • Main cereal and cash crops of India
  • Solar system and the earth
  • Seasons, Climate, Weather, Soil—its ormation, erosion.
  • Forests and their uses. Natural calamities cyclones, floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions.
  • Mountains and rivers and their role in irrigation in India.
  • Distribution of natural resources and industries in India.
  • Social control — reward and punishment, art, law,
  • customs, propaganda,
  • National income, economic growth.
  • Private and Public Sectors; economic and non-economic factors in planning,
  • balanced versus imbalanced growth,
  • agricultural versus industrial development;
  • inflation and price stabilization,
  • Problem of resource mobilisation.
  • India’s Five Year Plans.
Psychological TestIn this section questions will be planned to assess the basic aptitude and mechanical aptitude of the candidate.

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Paper II (Physical Sciences):

  • Physics
  • Chemistry

Paper- II

  • Length measurements using vernier,
  • Screw gauge,
  • Speedometer and optical lever measurement of time and mass
  • Straight line motion and relationships among   placements,
  • Velocity and acceleration
  • Newton’s Laws of Motion,
  • Momentum, impulse, work, energy and power
  • Coefficient of friction
  • Equilibrium of bodies under action of Forces
  • Moment of a force, couple
  • Newton’s Law of Gravitation
  • Escape velocity Acceleration due to gravity
  • Mass and Weight; Centre of gravity,
  • Uniform circular motion, centripetal force,
  • Simple Harmonic motion
  • Simple pendulum
  • Force on a current-carrying conductor in magnetic field; moving coil galvanometers; conversion to ammeter orvoltmeter.
  • Chemical effects of current; Primary and storage cells and their functioning
  • Laws of electrolysis
  • Electromagnetic induction; Simple A.C. and D.C. generators
  • Transformers, Induction Coil,
  • Cathode rays, discovery of the electron,
  • Bohr model of the atom
  • Diode and its use as a rectifier
  • Production, properties and uses of Grays
  • Radioactivity; Alpha, Beta and Gamma rays
  • Nuclear energy; fission and fusion,
  • Conversion of mass into energy,
  • Chain reaction
  • Atomic structure
  • Atomic radii, Electro-negativity in period and groups.
  • Chemical Bonding
  • electro-valent, covalent
  • coordinates covalent bonds
  • Bond properties, sigma and Pie bonds
  • Shapes of simple molecules like water
  • Hydrogen sulphide, methane and ammonium chloride
  • Molecular association and hydrogen bonding
  • Energy changes in a chemical reaction Exothermic and Endothermic Reactions Application of First Law of Thermodynamics, Hess’s Law of constant heat summation.
  • Chemical Equilibriums and rates of reactions
  • Law of Mass action.
  • Effect of Pressure,
  • Temperature and concentration on the rates of reaction
  • Natural and Artificial Radioactivity: Nuclear Fission and Fusion. Uses of Radioactive
Organic Chemistry
  • Tetrahedral nature of carbon
  • Hybridization and sigma pie bonds and their relative strength
  • Single and multiple bonds
  • Shapes of molecules
  • Geometrical and optical somerism
  • General methods of preparation
  • Properties and reaction of alkenes
  • Alkenes and alkynes
  • Petroleum and its refining
  • Halogen derivatives
  • Chloroform
  • Carbon Tetrachloride
  • Chlorobenzene,
  • Hydroxyl Compounds: Preparation, properties and uses of Primary, Secondary and tertiary alcohols, Methanol
  • Fats and Lipids, amino acids and proteins – Vitamins and hormones.

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Paper III (Mathematics):

  • Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Differential Calculus
  • Integral Calculus & Differential Equations
  • Vectors & Its Applications
  • Static & Probability

SCRA Exam Pattern

PapersTime AllowedMaximum Marks
Paper-I2 Hours200
Paper-II2 Hours200
Paper-III2 Hours200
Timings-6 HoursTotal Marks-600

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SCRA Examination 2017:

UPSC conducts examination for selection of candidates for appointment as Special Class Railway Apprentices in Mechanical Department of Indian Railways. The selected candidates undergo a four-year rigorous training programme in Mechanical Engineering, for which the Institute has a Memorandum of Understanding with BIT, Mesra, Ranchi. The semester system of BIT, Mesra is followed, with workshop training sessions during the holidays at BIT, Mesra.

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