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How To Prepare For IBPS RRB Exam | Tips to prepare for RRB Exam in 30 days

How To Prepare For IBPS RRB Exam

How To Prepare For IBPS RRB ExamHere in this article you’ll get a complete guide on How To Prepare For IBPS RRB Exam? So take a look over this page and get Tips to prepare for RRB Exam in 30 days, we suggest you to be honest in reading these strategies To Prepare For RRB Exam In one month. Institute of banking personnel selection is responsible for conducting CWE for different Private and Public Sector banks and it also executes several activities in personnel selection both for recruitment, selection promotion within and from other than the organization.

How To Prepare For IBPS RRB Exam

Here’s a brief description on ‘How to Prepare for IBPS RRB Exam’, section wise, you must read it well with good concentration;

General Awareness:

Make a habit reading newspaper and develop yourself with Current affairs, this is what helped toppers and winners to crack this section easy, with this you’ll improve your vocabulary too. You can do it via online newspapers and the current affairs also.

Banking Knowledge:

This one is Very Interesting section to score well by reading basic knowledge in banking and business columns. So, get update the recent ones…

Computer Knowledge:

Frankly, don’t go through it fully, as most of the questions will come from basics, so working knowledge in computer is sufficient to answer. But very important thing is, this is one of the scoring areas at very less time. So do keen practice to increase your speed and accuracy…


Everyone is good in spoken English, but it won’t work out in Competitive exams. We don’t follow any rules in oral communication but in formal we should. Here your ability counted how hood proficiency you have in English. I realized and understand there is no shortcut for this section but practice.


This section is really a time consuming section but only for the beginners, it includes topics like arrangements, Input output, Directions. So, it totally depends on you that how you approach how you choose the questions with in a time frame to solve.

Aptitude Test:

Aptitude Test is quite interesting area of the test, remember that Practice makes Man perfect and this section needs a speeder in maths. No time for making assumption answers, so please watch and try to apply those in the practice papers. Even those short cuts have the same rule “Practice”. Time allocation is very mandatory and should follow strictly in each section, practicing will be helpful for you…

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Tips to prepare for RRB Exam in 30 days

  1. Proper planning– The first thing you have to do is make a plan for your studies, without planning nothing can achieve.
  2. So you have to understand about your IBPS exam syllabus and find the suitable section or subject in which you are weak, and after that pay more concentration to particular subject…
  3. Stay Update– Keep updating you to prepare well and crack the IBPS RRB Exam, this you can do by reading the newspaper, magazines on the regular basis.
  4. Mainly from the banking and finance industry. It is the master key to arranging for IBPS exam online. You could also help through the Internet.
  5. Topics wise Study– Candidates have to concentrate on a single topic at a time do not just rotate one to another and pay attention to each topic daily.
  6. More Focus On General Knowledge– GK is one of the best topics through which one can easily gain good marks in all over banking exams. You should have good command on general knowledge.
  7. You can take help of daily newspaper reading habit, GK books and magazines current affairs.
  8. Proper Time Management– “Practice Make the Man Perfect” so practices more and more and tries to solve all the questions in less time through practicing.
  9. For better result solve previous year IBPS questions and practice papers
  10. Tryout with Mock Test– Candidates must try online mock test every day. After completing Syllabus, try these mock tests to judge yourself in the exam so that you have an upright idea of the paper.
  11. Good Revision– Before few days of an exam you have to revise your entire syllabus once again and focus more on the weak section that time.

Fine, here’s a guide on time allocation: 

General Awareness and Banking knowledge10 Mins
Computer proficiency10 Mins
English  20 – 25 Mins Max
Reasoning30 – 35 Mins Max
Aptitude  Minimum 35 Mins

Hope you find this article helpful, if so then keep visiting here as we’ll update this page for your convenience. You must bookmark this page for instant access and it can be done by just pressing CTRL+D, now to discuss your query or thought in below comment section….

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