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Karnataka Graduate Primary Teacher Syllabus 2018 GPT Exam Pattern PDF

Karnataka Graduate Primary Teacher Syllabus

Here on this page, we have brought the Karnataka Graduate Primary Teacher Syllabus for contenders who have applied for Karnataka Teacher Recruitment and planning to prepare for written examination. So, contenders can check and download the Karnataka Graduate Primary Teacher Exam Syllabus along with Karnataka Graduate Primary Teacher Exam Pattern through this page and prepare accordingly. The purpose of written examination is to fill 10,000 vacant Positions of Graduate Primary Teachers (GPT). You can also download the Karnataka Graduate Primary Teacher Syllabus 2018 PDF from official site through online procedure.

Government of Karnataka, Centralized Admission Cell will organize the examination in four parts: Examination 1, Examination 2, Examination 3 and Examination 4. For acquiring more information regarding Karnataka Graduate Primary Teacher Syllabus 2018, you need to check the below structured page which is prepared by team of www.recruitmentinboxx.com. Just go through the below given Karnataka Teacher Syllabus and prepare accordingly. Must have a look!!!

Karnataka Graduate Primary Teacher Syllabus

Karnataka Graduate Primary Teacher Syllabus for English:

Language Use (Grammar, functions of language and phonetics):

  • Parts of speech
  • Tense forms: present simple, present continuous, present perfect, past simple, past
  • continuous, past perfect, past perfect continuous and future forms
  • Modal verbs, Articles
  • Prepositions
  • Conjunctions and linkers
  • Types of sentences (simple, compound and complex sentences)
  • Clauses: noun, adjective, adverbial and conditional clauses
  • Active and passive voice
  • Direct and indirect speech
  • Degrees of comparison
  • Functions of language: introducing oneself and others, seeking and giving information, asking for and giving directions, giving instructions, making a request, giving suggestions and advice, expressing comparison and contrast, complaining, apologizing, thanking, expressing one’s opinion
  • Phonetics: Sounds of English (vowels, consonants, stress and intonation patterns)

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Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary:

  • Ability to comprehend, analyse and interpret unfamiliar reading passages (a narrative and an argumentative or descriptive passage)
  • An unfamiliar poem
  • Synonyms, antonyms, prefixes, suffixes, phrasal verbs, idioms, compound words, collocations, proverbs, word forms, abbreviations
  • Figures of speech

Writing Ability:

  • Common errors in writing (editing): identifying and correcting errors in the use of articles, prepositions, tenses, word forms, cohesive devices, spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Paragraph writing (descriptive/narrative/argumentative/process type)
  • Writing personal and official letters
  • Writing a notice, placard, email
  • Making a diary entry
  • Writing a letter to the Editor of a newspaper on a current/contemporary issue
  • Writing a dialogue (purposes: Seeking and giving information, asking for and giving directions, giving instructions, making a request, giving suggestions and advice, expressing comparison and contrast, complaining, apologizing, thanking, expressing one’s opinion)

English Exam Pattern:

Section 1 – Multiple Choice Questions

  • Marks – 50
  • Duration – 1 hour

Section 2 – Short and Long answer type question

  • Marks – 100
  • Duration – 2 hours

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Karnataka Graduate Primary Teacher Syllabus for Mathematics and Science:


  • Number System – Place value, Expanded form, Basic operation, Simplification, Natural, whole, integer, rational, irrational and real numbers, Square and cubic numbers, Square and cube roots, Playing with numbers, HCF, LCM, fundamental theorem of arithmetic, Ratio and Proportion, Comparing Quantities.
  • Surds – Definition, Basic operation, Simplification, Binomial surds, Rationalisation of surds
  • Sets – Properties, Types, Laws, Venn diagram, Cardinality of sets, Relations and functions
  • Progressions – Sequence and series, AP, GP and HP, Means
  • Commercial Mathematics – Unitary method, Percentage, Profit and loss, Brokerage, Commission, Simple interest, Compound interest, Discount, Hire purchase and instalment buying
  • Statistics Class interval and types, Graphical representation, Measurement of central tendency, Dispersion measures, Co – efficient of variation
  • Permutation and Combination – Meaning, Formulae, Fundamental counting principle, Factorial notation
  • Probability – Meaning, Types- Random experiments and events, Types of events, Addition rule
  • Basic Concepts of Algebra – Basic terms, Algebraic expressions, Types of polynomials, Basic operations, Special products, Factorisation, Identities, Conditional identities, HCF and LCM
  • Polynomials – Meaning and types, Zeros of polynomials, Division algorithm, Remainder factor theorem, Synthetic division theorem
  • Linear Equations – Linear equations, Simultaneous linear equations, Different methods of solving
  • Exponents – Laws, Problems
  • Quadratic Equations – Meaning and types, Different methods of solving, Discriminate, Sum and product of roots, Formation of quadratic equation
  • Variation – Meaning ant types, Problem based on variation
  • Basic Geometrical Ideas – Basic definitions, Axioms, Postulates, Statements, Theorems
  • Triangles – Meaning, Types, Properties, Construction, Area and perimeter, Heron’s Formula, Congruent and similar triangles, Concurrent lines
  • Quadrilaterals – Meaning, Types, Properties, Construction, Area and Perimeter, Theorems
  • Polygons – Meaning, Types, properties, Theorems, Constructions, Problems
  • Circles – Definition, Terms and their meaning, Cyclic quadrilaterals, Chords and tangents, Theorems, Constructions, Area of sector.
  • Mensuration – Plane figures, Solid figures, LSA and TSA of solid figures, Volume of solid figures(cone, sphere, cylinder, frustum of cone, prisms, pyramids and combination of solids).
  • Trigonometry – Basic ratios, Identities, Standard angles, Complementary angles, Heights and distances, Problems, Allied angles
  • Co ordinate Geometry – Ordered pair, Distance formula, Section formula, Slope, Equation of straight line, Slope intercept form
  • Symmetry – Definition, Line of symmetry, Point of symmetry.
  • Matrices – Definitions, Types, Determinants
  • Polyhedra and Networks – Meaning and type, F+v=E+2, Nodes, area and regions, Euler Formula, Transversable networking and conditions for transferability

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  • Measurement, Units and dimensions:
  • Magnetism
  • Current Electricity
  • Dynamics
  • Gravitation & Rockets and artificial satellites
  • Thermodynamics
  • Electromagnetic radiation etc


  • Basic concepts of chemistry
  • Structure of an atom
  • Classification of elements
  • Chemical bonds
  • Molecular orbital theory
  • Electronic configuration and molecular behavior
  • Chemical Reactions
  • Acids, bases and salts etc


  • Living World
  • Life processes in plants
  • Reaching the age of adolescence
  • Life process in animals
  • Natural resources and Food
  • Ecology and Eco system etc

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Mathematics and Science Exam Pattern

Section 1 – Multiple Choice Questions

  • Marks – 50
  • Duration – 1 hour

Section 2 – Short and Long answer type questions

  • Marks – 100
  • Duration – 2 hours

Karnataka Graduate Primary Teacher Syllabus for Social Science:


  • Sources of History
  • Physical features of India & Pre historic times
  • Ancient civilizations of India
  • Ancient civilizations of the world
  • India and outside world
  • Rise of new religions in India
  • India and the world
  • Greek invasion, Mauryas
  • Prominent kingdoms
  • Religious Reformers of India
  • Bhakthi Movement
  • Europe in the middle ages
  • Revolutions and the Rise of Nations States
  • India from 9th to 14th century AD
  • Vijayanagar Dynasty
  • Bhahumani Dynasty etc

Civics /Political Science:

  • Constitution of India-Directive Principles, Fundamental Rights and duties
  • Our Government-Union Government and State Government, Organs- executive, Legislative, Judiciary- Center and State Powers and functions
  • Our Defence Forces-Army, Navy and Air force, BSF, Home Guards, Coastal Guards, NCC, Red Cross
  • National Integration-Castism, Communalism, Regionalism, National Anthem, National Symbol, National Festival
  • Social and Economic Problems and Remedies, India and Neighbors, World Organizations- UNO and it’s Organs, India and UNO, IMF, ILO, UNCTAD,WTO, Common Wealth, SAARC, European Union, ASEAN, OAU, India’s Foreign Policy.
  • Human Resources, Population and it’s effects. Poverty, Gender, Religion and Caste System, People as Resources
  • Rural Development-Citizens and Citizenship, Democracy, Local Self Government-Panchayath Raj Institutions, National Integration

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  • Our Mother Planet- Earth, Solar System, Latitudes and longitudes Major Land forms, Climate and Vegetation. Time Zones, International Date line
  • Lithosphere, Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, Biosphere, Natural Resources, Human Resources-Poverty and Hunger
  • Karnataka –Location, Size, Geography, Physiographic divisions, Climate, Water resources, Land Resources, Mineral Resources and it’s distributions
  • Transportation-Roads, Railway, Air transport, Water transport- Ports
  • Asia-Land of Contrast, Europe-Peninsula of Asia, Africa-Central Continent, North America-Land of Prairies, South America Land of Andies, Australias Flattest Continent, Antarctica-White Continent
  • Industries-Major industries like Iron & Steel, Cotton Textiles-Sugar-Paper Cement- Industrial Regions-Information Technology-its centers
  • Major Tourist Centers-National Cultural Centers-Wildlife Sanctuaries Historical Places and Forts
  • Population-Size-Growth-Destiny-Sex Ratio Age -Literacy Ratio
  • Monsoon Seasons-features-Soils of India-Types of Soils-Soil Erosion-Causes Effects and Conservation-Soil management
  • National Vegetation-Distribution of forests-Conservation of Forests-Wild life Sanctuaries
  • Natural Disasters – Cyclones – Causes – Effects – Preventive Measures – Floods etc

Business Studies:

  • Evaluation and growth of Commerce-Economic Activity, Exchange, Commerce in 21st century, Globalization
  • Business- Trade, Industry and Services, Business Ethics and Social Responsibilities, Marketing Management, Banking Operations, Insurances, Entrepreneurship.
  • Formation of Small and Large Scale Business Organization.
  • MARKETING -Meaning of marketing, Functions of marketing – Buying and assembling, Transportation, Selling, Storage and warehousing, Market research, Standardization etc

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  • Economic Activities production activities, consumption activities, exchange activities, distribution activities, production-factors of production
  • Natural Resources: Scarcity of resources, meaning of renewable and nonrenewable resources, meaning of deforestation and desertification.
  • Human Resources: Meaning of human resources, people has resources, population growth, and demographic transition- stages
  • Economic structure: Meaning of structural transformation; Source of income; Source of employment; Meaning of static and dynamic economy.
  • Sectors of Indian Economy: Meaning of primary sector , Secondary sector ,Tertiary sector
  • Money and Credit:- Meaning of money ,Evolution of money ,Meaning of Barter
  • Labour and Employment- Meaning of Labour, Features of Labour, Importance of Labour ,Types of Labour
  • Entrepreneurship, Insurance, Globalization Of Business, Accounting in Business, Economy and Government

Social Science Exam Pattern

Section 1 – Multiple Choice Questions

  • Marks – 50
  • Duration – 1 hour

Section 2 – Short and Long Answer Type Questions

  • Marks – 100
  • Duration – 2 hours

Download Karnataka Graduate Primary Teacher Syllabus

Recently, Government of Karnataka, Centralized Admission Cell has strewed the latest job advertisement to fill up 10,000 Graduate Primary Teachers Posts. Applications through online mode are invited from the experienced applicants against Karnataka Teacher Advertisement. Those applicants who have required qualification and fulfill all eligibility criteria can fill the online application form on or before the closing date.

SubjectDownload PDF
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Mathematics &  ScienceGet PDF
Social ScienceGet PDF

For the purpose of filling willing contenders for Graduate Primary Teachers Posts, Government of Karnataka, Centralized Admission Cell will conduct the written exam in 4 Parts namely Examination 1, Examination 2, Examination 3, Examination 4. So, those candidates who have decided to take part in examination and looking for Karnataka Teacher Syllabus, so from this page, you can get the Syllabus of Karnataka Teacher and prepare accordingly.


Applicants can download the Karnataka Graduate Primary Teacher Syllabus 2018 through this page as well as from Official Link. You can also join us on Facebook and Google plus to receive latest updates concerning Karnataka Graduate Primary Teacher Syllabus 2018 and we will send the updates on your Facebook wall. Candidates can also bookmark the web portal that is www.recruitmentinboxx.com by pressing Ctrl+D option for getting latest updates regarding Karnataka Graduate Primary Teacher Syllabus.

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